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  • Educate the general public about learning disabilities.
    • We are developing a movie to help people better understand. Learn more about this movie project Click Here
    • Free resources - Watch Free Videos on special needs topics.
  • 3. Approve and provide resources for parents, schools and teachers. Help on Dyslexia and LD.
    • We are developing a list of approved resources and groups for libraries, schools and parents. We already have currently approved resources and products. List of Help on Dyslexia and LD - Click Here
    • 100% completed donating resources to public libraries. More on this project. click here
    • Free Software Click here
  • 4. Having successful individuals speak to groups, school classes and teachers.
  • 5. D.A.R.T. (Develop A Reading Talent) Scholarship Program.
  • Click here for more on our Goals - Click here for more on current projects
  • Exciting New GLP Program

    (NEW) The Gifted Learning Project (GLP) is pleased to announce it recently received a grant for its newest children's program, "Meet Me in the Garden," from the University of Minnesota Northwest Foundation. With this Grant, we helped over 600 children. GLP's garden is located on Lee Thomas Farm (www.seethefarm.com)

    The GLP's "Meet Me in the Garden" program educates as it provides fresh produce for families, senior citizens, and the community. Day on the Farm

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