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Is there a simple test to diagnose AD/HD?

No; unfortunately, there is no simple test (like a blood test or a short written test) to determine whether someone has AD/HD. This is true of many medical conditions (for example, there is no "test" for a simple headache, yet anyone who has had a headache knows it's real!).

Accurate diagnosis is made only by a trained clinician after an extensive evaluation. This evaluation should include ruling out other possible causes for the symptoms involved, a thorough physical examination, and a series of interviews with the individual (child or adult) and other key persons in the individual's life (for example, parents, spouse, teachers, and others).

Find a doctor or mental health professional

Professional Associations will sometimes offer referrals or provide directories. You may wish to contact:

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry;;

American Psychiatric Association;

American Academy of Pediatrics;;

American Academy of Neurology;, (800) 879-1960;

American Medical Association;, 800-621-8335;

National Association of Social workers;;

American Psychological Association;, 800-964-2000;

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy;;

National Board for Certified Counselors;

The U.S. Center for Mental Health Services maintains a directory of mental health services and resources in each state;, 800-789-2647.

If you cannot afford services or do not have health insurance, please read the sections on Public Insurance and Public Benefits Programs, or contact your state department of health or mental health to locate a community mental health center near you.

The GLP do not endorse or represent products, services, publications, medications or treatments, including those listed or advertised in the Directory of Professionals, Services & Products.


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